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mallikarjun residence

mallikarjun house, bangalore

mallikBuilt on a plot of 40’ x 60’ in an upcoming area in Bangalore, India, this house for a successful young entrepreneur reacts positively to the emerging life style with all the complexities of present day Bangalore: part traditional part contemporary, conservative in some respects and forward looking in others and emerging social habits and hobbies .

It is an inward looking compact 4 bedroom house with modern conveniences and protection and privacy from nuisances of its urban milieu. All heating and ventilation is natural, materials local, and the design fully embraces available traditional artisan skills. The walls are largely load bearing with bricks and local hand cut stones and roof of concrete filler slabs and vaults with hollow clay blocks. Use of wood, steel, glass and vitrified ceramics along with the internal angles and volumes and merging of green patches in living areas and patches of sunlight filtering in through punctures in the roof add the traditional warmth as well as a contemporary feel.

Completed fully: 2007                               Associate Architects: Baburaj, M.Muthukumar, Sunil Nayak