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hegde house mysore

vaulted and domed roofs

Graphic1This 3200 sq. ft house was designed for a former Vice Chancellor of Mysore University on a site of 50’ x 80’. Small patches of three green courtyards were carved out of the site to be accessed from living and dining rooms. The roof is made of hollow clay block vaulting and brick doming with out centering. A wood bridge over the living connects the front and rear rooms in the first floor. Sky lighting is used with advantage. The house incorporates rain water harvesting and solar water heating.

Client: Prof. SN. Hegde

Design team: BS Bhooshan, Sunil Nayak

Structural Design: C.N Yadunandan

Completed: 2004

“Hegde Residence at Mysore is a departure from the archetypal visual and spatial idiom of local architectural expression. Curvilinear forms are used… to form a cascading composition of roofs.

The brick-masonry dome and the sweeping form of the roof constructed with hollow clay panels covered with china-mosaic, compose the crest of the compilation. Stone and brick walls form the static base of the dynamic forms above….Indeed architecture is craftsmanship of space. He enjoys using exposed materials in various elements of the building to explore the influence of their visual and textural aesthetics, on the space, environment and the user. The use of brick in his works is motivated by the experience of warmth it imparts to the space.”  from Brick 2008, a book by Weinerberger, Austria ( link below page)  


Awarded IIA  2009 Award for Excellence in Architecture by Indian Institute of Architects.