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NEWS: IIA 2009 award for excellence in architecture

Prof SN Hegde’s House at Mysore has been selected for 20th IIA 2009 Award for excellence in Architecture by the Indian Institute of Architects in Residental Category SEE UNDER CATEGORY HOUSES , bubbled up spaces for more.

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This house epitomises a search for the form of houses ever since we started in 1987.

The other awardees are

Ar. Sanjay Puri, Mumbai for public category

Ar.Gayathri and Ar. Namit Varma, Bangalore for Public architecture,

Ar. Vistap Bhagwagar, New Delhi forInteriors,

Ar. Vinay MohanDas & Ar. Yogesh Kumar Garg, Bhopal for research.

low energy: embedded and extant

prabhu food

See the page on bubble up roof: vaults and domes for details.

Le Olive Garden, Mysore: a happening place and restaurent

olive garden

Reduction of building envelop, building programmes just to meet the necessities, reduction of areas, building materials especially of high embedded energy or having large values of ecological footprints is a major parameter in moving towards a sustainable building culture. 

The firm has been espousing this principle and had attempteto fine tune its approach incorporating the new technologies, procedures, and standards including energy and  waste management,  recycling etc.

the village, mysore and others: green tourism

green tourism

mahalaxmi bhavana, mysore

web maha

The plan configured into two intersecting circles along the east west diagonal of the site allowing the largest possible space for auditorium. The space developed as two slightly elliptical cones placed at 30 degrees and 60-degree of axes tilts and intersecting in the middle. This generated a sectional profile conducive to good acoustics.  The cones define the space into two sections, one highlighting the front part and stage and the other, the rear and mezzanine. Semantically, it may signify the union of two (boy and girl or two families) or interaction of two segments (panelist and audience). The cones with skylights and vents on top of each also could function as chimneys allowing hot air to rise and thus generate a vertical draft of air. The skylights also will enliven and enhance the lighting and the general ambience.  They could also provide interesting ceiling pattern making one to look up towards sky while entering and add to a solemn spatial experience.

Client and contractors: PG Setty Group

Location: Vidyaranyapuram, Mysore

bhooshan’s own house, mysore

houses bsb This modest dwelling for the architect and his family, built in 1989, offered an opportunity to protest  against prevailing regional tastes. The plastered concrete frame which raise the house off the ground, stabilized mud block maasonry and an open interior plan that is conducive to natural ventilation struck onlookers as unconventional, while the double-pitched roof did not.

” On an aesthetic level,…the intention is to sensitze the public, and even provoke their reaction, to the use of traditional forms and ordinary  materials in thoughtful, yet unconventional ways” (comtemporary architecture of asia)

Completed  1989  one of the first works of BSB

low cost composite housing: an idea and a project

composite low cost housing 

This design was conceptually based on the earlier first prize winning entry of the firm in the HUDCO concept idea competition: Hierarchy  of communities

“ ..structured as an aggregate of a number of smaller scale clusters of dwellings forming the basic localities. These are to be identified by a open space with a particular variety of trees….main consideration…clusters traffic free..not new to mysore…agraharas. ..Majority of houses face north or south..” Pg 32, Mane 1988



“..for variety and to increase a sense of identity, we developed another LIG type housing with five interlocking units of the same plot area. There are three types of dwellers interlocking with each other. This system provides larger court areas in the front or rear and more importantly, they provide variety in plan arrangements, position of entrances, width of frontage etc. And thus no two adjacent units will be similar….” Pg 34, Mane, 1988

bobby and srinivasan house. bangalore


Design of residences has to deal with the delineation between the individual and the community realms or the public and private spaces and  has to articulate the transition and mediation from one realm to another.

 This House  built on a 60′ x 40′ site was the last one to be built in this street, which now has a high land value and place of ‘upper-income-two-sedan-car-family-community’. The design then is a conflict resolution. It departs substantially from the conventional and popular house forms and shuns dominant sloping or flat roofs.

The spaces were articulated defying the conventional right angle geometry to pack more space in the small volume flexing itself in three-dimension and delineates an informal and unconventional spatial experience within a tight urban situation.

Associate Architect: Sunil Nayak