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brooks view resorts, mercara

The present trend in tourism and entertainment related architecture, is that of reducing buildings into a series of sceno-graphic episodes: images overwhelm the overall experience of the place, with the ‘space-organization’ exercise meant to be meaningful and experiential,  reduced to temporary ‘set design’.

The firm in an attempt to give the band wagon a miss, employs its own internal ideologies in pursuing the design of such spaces: attempting a holistic design which is not biased to the sense of vision, instead aiming to be multi-sensory. Further, spaces and details are designed to endure, and not be an ephemeral ‘vogue’.Graphic1

Resorts design often use  both authentic and manufactured versions of ‘heritage’, for mass consumption. However, in the battle between the need for novelty and the inherent capacity of traditional images and motifs to meet it, the traditional sources are getting depleted with over use of repetitive images and facade treatments. The proposed design aims to deliberately refrain from resorting to direct reference to any traditional kind of architecture, its imagery or motifs. However, the attempt will be to create a regionally relevant architecture, one that is characterized by a definite sense of place as against a feeling of a  theme  set.

Client : Brooks view and benevolent Estates, Chetalli, Madikeri

Lead architect:  Shajay Bhooshan

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