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kader sait house, mysore

kader sait“Khader Sait House is an experiment at defining the space without physical boundaries. Surprise, is the first experience as one enters the house. The landscaped courts and the living space are blend into one experience. The unobstructed vision is drawn to as far as the boundary wall masked by landscape and waterfall.

The space is defined by the floor, which traces the edge of the sweeping ceiling. A brick wall sets a background to this sensational space. The

masha alla house

wall blends with the landscape of the garden at one end and at the other provides a backdrop to the wooden staircase.

The presence of the wall is significant as it enhances the natural-feel to the experience of the space. This environment is refined further by the wooden ceiling and panelling which mellows the spatial experience.

The exterior form is a vibrant combination of the exaggerated inclined planes. Windows are playfully placed in the composition to enhance the visual activity produced by the compilation. Brick walls are selectively plastered to emphasize the separation of forms.”  from Bricks 2008 by weinerberger


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