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reddy house, hyderabad

This house in the posh Jubilee hills in Hyderabad for a buisness man is on aplot of 170 x 80 ft. Built on three floors with vault roofs cascading down to the entrance. The entrance is raised to first floor level and the house overlooks the large green space in front. The roof were made of steel fabrications with hollow clay blocks and insitu screed on top. Complaince to vastu was a great constraint as it goes as norm in Hyderabad.


hyd27There is also a general local trend in upper crest of society to display luxurious consumption. This particular house showed great restraint on that in the outside and as compared to the neibours it is too ‘frugal’. But the interior has been following the local upper class taste, with very little complaince to the restraints put by the architects. The interior executed by the local contractors has little understanding of the value of restrained design. It also happens that at the finishing of interiors, the architects happens to have little say especially if worked form longer distance. It was an experience, but the conundrum of clashing design values tilts more in the favour of what the clients class of local society apreciates. The design is appreciated for what others say than what is inherently valued. Sensitvity has a uphill task in that situation. One is left with the only option of giving it all up.




hyd3 Client : GR Reddy, MD EXCEL Rubbers Hyderabad

Completed: 2009 August

Associate architect: M. Muthukumar

Structure: CN Yadunandan

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