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low cost composite housing: an idea and a project

composite low cost housing 

This design was conceptually based on the earlier first prize winning entry of the firm in the HUDCO concept idea competition: Hierarchy  of communities

“ ..structured as an aggregate of a number of smaller scale clusters of dwellings forming the basic localities. These are to be identified by a open space with a particular variety of trees….main consideration…clusters traffic free..not new to mysore…agraharas. ..Majority of houses face north or south..” Pg 32, Mane 1988



“..for variety and to increase a sense of identity, we developed another LIG type housing with five interlocking units of the same plot area. There are three types of dwellers interlocking with each other. This system provides larger court areas in the front or rear and more importantly, they provide variety in plan arrangements, position of entrances, width of frontage etc. And thus no two adjacent units will be similar….” Pg 34, Mane, 1988

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