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We are equipped to handle complex and sensitive projects, large or  small. The current team is:

Dr. B.S. Bhooshan B. Arch (Kerala)  M.TP (Madras)  Ph. D (Mysore) brings a variety of experiences to the firm with three decades in teaching, research, consultancy and practice. Been a consultant to United Nations and a Visiting Professor.

Ar. Sunil Nayak  B. Arch ( MIT, Manipal). Has Experience in different work environments over seven years. Been with the firm for last six years. Adept  in handling detailing and coordination.

Ar. Shajay Bhooshan  B. Arch ( TVB, Delhi)  M.Arch (AA School, London) Worked with Christopher C Benninger, Pune and HOK Sport Architecture, London. Recipient of Head Trust Award from Royal Society of Arts, London. Is keen on architectural theory,  digital  design methods and graphic design . Currently based at London with Zaha Hadid Architects and Lecturer/Tutor at  AA School of Architecture,  London

Ar. Sudheendra B.Arch (Mysore) with over three years experience with us.

Ar. Sumitha Rao Y  B.Arch ( VTU) : 4 years of experience with the firm

Mr. Vishali Enos B.Arch (Mysore) are with us for more than a year

Ar. Rekha KR  B.Arch (Mysore) Experienced mre than 3 years with other firms and us

Ar. M. Muthukumar B.Arch (Bangalore) with previous experience in other architectural offices is looking after the Bangalore studios.

Ar. Vishu Bhooshan B.Arch (Pune) M.Arch (AA, London) worked with us for more than 2 years. Right now in London and associates with us on line.



1.  Prof. C.N. Yadunandan ME, Former Assistant Professor, SJ College of Engg, Mysore specialising in prestressed concrete, Yadu has over 25 years experience in structural design and cost effective construction and design.


Mr. M.S. Vijayakumar B.E, Mysore has design and field experience of over 25 years in large and medium projects of various kinds.

Mr. Nagendraprasad, Skanda Consultants, Bangalore

Project management:
Mr. Aravind Bandiwad, B.E   Has over 25 years of field experience in a variety of circumstances.

Landscape  Architecture.
Mr. Prashanth Bhat, BLA, MLA, Chief, The Landscape company, Bangalore