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technology and expression

technology and expression




Technology, in both its dimensions of material and technique, has been at the core of our work. The attempt has been to be at the cutting edge of contemporary technology albeit in a manner suited to the prevalent local conditions  and ecology.  Technology has never been an end to itself with us, but a means towards catering to the physical, psychological, fiscal, social and cultural needs of the client and the project. This view led us to pioneer the use of various materials, including stabilised mud blocks, and extensively develop and use various construction methods including brick vaulting and domes.


Architecture is primarily a social act and phenomenon. As spatial culture it mirrors the cultural trends.  A “conscious” architecture needs to be ‘located’ in a place and its culture and history. The global forces of today alsocannot be discounted and need to be addressed and mended. This informs our  work. Two aspects are seen as prime foci:

1. concerns of ‘green’: impact of buildings on the place and its ecology.
2. Architecture as interpretation of the cultural  text,  that makes the place.


 Architecture can delight like art, has to be cost effective, needs to interface with technology and culture. Thus our design ideology and methods attempt to circumscribe innovation in formal, technological and cultural realms. With its multi-valent agendas, our architecture has been collaborative -the client, the builders, contractors, the site engineers and the workmen are partners in the process.