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B.Shashi Bhooshan did his B. Arch from Kerala University, Master of Town Planning from Madras University  and a Ph. D from Mysore University. He taught and researched at School of Planning and Architecture, Chennai and Institute of Development Studies at  University of Mysore . He was a consultant to UN at Nagoya and was associated with Human settlement studies of the International Institute of Environment and Development, London on several policy studies in India  and other Asian countries. Since 1987, Dr. Bhooshan is practicing architecture in Mysore and Bangalore.

 Dr. Bhooshan’s works have received critical acclaim; Nine awards and prizes at national level including Four IIA awards for excellence inArchitecture from the Indian Insitute of Architects, one JK Cements Architect of the Year Award and one HUDCO Prize, an  award and a special mention from A+D Spectrum Awards in architecture and one STONA Prize for excellence in use of stone in architecture .

Shashi Bhooshan had been associated with many educational institutions on Board of Studies, Doctoral committes and also as doctoral guide.   He was a visiting professor at Mysore University, Professor of Eminance at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore and currently he is a Professor of Architecture and Research Advisor at the BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. He had lectured at various National and International Fora and Institutions.

 He has written on development planning, human settlements, housing and architecture and is the author and editor of five books on human settlement policies in Asia besides numerous papers and articles.






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  1. ARCHITECTURE AND CULTURAL IDENTITY, a paper at SRC, Calicut, Sep. 1993.




            Regularly contributed a column: Architexture  in Vijay Times, Bangalore in 2004-06