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__trainee architects

Students who want to work with us for practical training or internship may make a request with full port folio through bsb.trainees@gmail.com only. We take up to five students in one session. Only one or two can be accommodated at Bangalore and Mysore studios can accommodate three. Trainees are expected to bring their own laptops. Contact at least 3 months in advance to the  training period.
Currently THE FOLLOWING Trainees are in place  up to June 2017.
Mysore Studios:
1. Ramya P Vasudevan, M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore
2. Sahana Bijjal, BVB College of Engg. Hubballi
3. Kishan Sakri, Srinivasa School of Architecture, Mangalore
We cannot consider any more until July 2017.
The following are selected for the term starting January 2017:
1. Spoorthi Satheesh  Dayanand Sagar College of Engg. Bangalore