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bmh facility, mysore

bmh1 This 45 room budget hotel was opened in July 2009. Built on a narrow site behind the BM Hospital at Jayalaxmipuram with RCC frame and hollow clay exterial walls. Each room has a bay window 6 x 6 x 2 ft coming out of the wall attatched to the wall with bolted steel frame work  and precast slabs.

Client: BM Hosptial, Mysore

Associate architects: Sunil Nayak, GK Sudheendra,  Ms. Leanne Pius

dwell there

making a place

We are starting a series of posts on the making of a place to live. This will include links to other similar sites, articles, blogs and postings on houses, housing schemes, urban and habitat issues related to places we live. It will alos feature our works on dwellings and dwelling places.

reddy house, hyderabad


This house in the posh Jubilee hills in Hyderabad for a buisness man is on aplot of 170 x 80 ft. Built on three floors with vault roofs cascading down to the entrance. The entrance is raised to first floor level and the house overlooks the large green space in front. The roof were made […]

sam cherian house, mysore

 Cient:  Sam Cherian, MD, Schevran Labs, Mysore.        Associate Architect :  Sunil Nayak, IA Deepthi Structure: CN Yadunandan                                                                          Completed : 2002

kader sait house, mysore

masha alla house

“Khader Sait House is an experiment at defining the space without physical boundaries. Surprise, is the first experience as one enters the house. The landscaped courts and the living space are blend into one experience. The unobstructed vision is drawn to as far as the boundary wall masked by landscape and waterfall. The space is defined […]